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Satellites: 112
DVB-S channels: 24017
DVB-C channels: 257402
DVB-T channels: 488335
IPTV channels: 8433
ATSC channels: 1034
ISDB-T channels: 10
HDTV channels: 1955
Languages: 119


Universal and very powerful software for digital TV watching and listening to radio channels.

Prog SatFinder

Small and simple tool for tunning your satellite dish.

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Первая версия сайта.

On this site collected database of satellite channels from around the world, with a description of their main parameters. For your convenience, provided various search tools and intuitive display a list of channels. I hope this helps you find the right channel or select the most interesting satellite.

I express my gratitude to all who sent me the scan results ProgDVB, logo channel, and any other clarifying base. And as a reminder of a non-copy any information from this site without my consent.

Database compiled on the basis of scanning satellite by users and may contain some inaccuracies.